Launch Box Concentrate Tray Combo

Product Code: U1-7KED-N646
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The Magic-Flight Herbal Concentrate Tray enables you to use herbal concentrates and extracts in your Launch Box.
Any concentrate that can fully melt to a liquid and leave no residue behind is suitable for use in the screened tray. The unscreened tray works with all types of concentrate that do not completely melt to a liquid. These reusable trays are constructed from stainless steel to securely and safely vaporize your desired concentrate.

We recommend using this product with the Power Adapter and a whip attachment, or through your Magic Flight Orbiter or similar.
Delivery Includes:
Screened Concentrate Tray
Unscreened Concentrate Tray


  • Weight: 0.1kg
  • Product Code: U1-7KED-N646
  • Brand: Magic Flight
  • Condition: New


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